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3 Tips to Find the Perfect Emergency Plumber in Elgin – Call Now!

In an ideal world, you’ll have a plumber already chosen before a plumbing emergency arises. In reality, plumbing issues will normally catch us off guard, so when the need for an emergency plumber arises, finding a reliable one that provides great service is vital.

Having some knowledge of what to look for when hiring an emergency plumber will enable you to make a swift decision and it will help you choose a company that provides complete Elgin plumbing services at competitive prices.

The important question that begs for an answer is; how can you identify a reliable and experienced emergency plumber? In our humble opinion, the following are the 5 most important qualities that you should be looking for when hiring a plumber in an emergency situation:


Like with other contractors, you should only hire a licensed plumber, especially in an emergency situation.

Why do plumbers get licensed? Like other industries, the plumbing industry makes plumbers complete a test to show their knowledge and expertise. They must also have a specific number of hours working in the filed in order for them to be licensed. The license is provided by the state of Illinois.

Obtaining this license shows potential customers that the plumbing professional is willing to comply with the industry standards, current laws and regulations, as well as the recommended safety measures. Being licensed also proves that a plumber is a true professional, is fully dedicated to this field, and doesn’t take this professional as a way to make some quick and extra cash on the side. Is there any harm in hiring an emergency plumber that isn’t licensed? Off course there is! An unlicensed plumber may not only lack the skills that are required to carryout the task at hand, but they may also apply outdated methods that can lead to costly mistakes.


Besides being licensed, a good emergency plumber should carry insurance. This can save you thousands, in the event that the plumber or any of their workers is injured while working on your property. Another advantage of hiring an insured plumber is that the insurance serves as an assurance that the plumber’s work is of great quality. If the plumber isn’t insured, you might end up paying medical bills incase injuries are attained. Worse still, the plumber could sue you if you don’t pay those bills.

Provides 24/7 Service

The major difference between emergency plumbers and other plumbers is that they are always ready to provide their service any day, any time. Since some plumbing problems are unpredictable, it would be wise to choose a plumber who will be readily available and easy to get a hold of whenever an emergency occurs, whether it’s during the day, night, weekend or holiday.

Whether you are looking for new plumbing installed in your property, responding to a plumbing emergency or preparing yourself for future problems, it’s important that you take your time and investigate an emergency plumber before hiring. Often, you get exactly what you pay for with emergency plumbers, but the price shouldn’t be the best way to assess a professional’s credentials. This is one of the components of your home that you wouldn’t want to be done cheaply or wrong. Therefore, it’s advisable that you be as thorough as you can possibly be in order for the work to be done right.


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