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Is your sewer backing up into your basement or bathroom? Do you have tree roots or other items blocking your sewer and stopping your toilet from flushing or shower from draining? If the answer was “yes” to either of these questions then you could be in need of sewer repair.

Having a sewer problem can be one of the most frustrating problems for Elgin, IL homeowners to deal with. The good news is that there are trusted, reputable plumbing companies and contractors that can diagnose the your sewer problem and get it working properly, again.

Common Elgin Pipe Repair Services and Options

The most common sewer repair requests come after experiencing backups on a regular basis, typically due to a clog in the main sewer line before it connects to the city’s sewer main. Some of the main causes of constant sewer backups include:

  • Tree roots
  • Old, settled or broken pipes
  • Grease build up
  • Accidental flushing (toys, rags, toothbrushes, etc)

You do have options if you’re experiencing frequent sewer backups. Discuss the sewer repair options below with your local plumber or sewer company to determine the best plan of attack for fixing your failing sewer system:

Sewer Rod - Sewer Repair Services in Elgin, IL areaSewer Rod

It’s difficult to diagnose a problem that you can’t see which is why the first step to repairing a sewer problem is to use a sewer rod to clear the sewer lines. Sewer rods can usually retrieve flushed items that could be causing a clog, push a stuck item through to the main sewer, and even cut tree roots that might be obstructing the sewer or causing other items, like toilet paper, to get stuck on them and cause further issues.

Sewer Camera

If rodding the sewer doesn’t fix the problem, the next step is often to use a sewer camera to try to look into the sewer and see the obstruction or problem area. A sewer camera allows the plumber or sewer company to check for obstructions, tree roots, broken pipes, and much more.

Sewer Repipe for the Problem Area

If rodding the sewer doesn’t fix the problem then there’s a chance that you’ll need part of your sewer repiped. This can be a big and expensive project, depending on the size and location of the problem. Sewer repipes are most common for repairing broken sewer pipes, removing a large obstruction that rodding couldn’t break loose, fixing broken pipe joints that leak and attract large tree roots into the main sewer lines.

Backflow Preventer Valve (AKA: Backup Preventer Valve)

Many cities in northern Illinois have combination storm and sanitary sewer systems. This means that rain water and sewer pipes come together at some point in the sewer system. The main problem with this type of combination sewer system is that large rainfalls can often result in water backing up in people’s basement floor drains, bathtubs, and even toilets.

If you’re experiencing water in your basement during large rainfalls, there’s a good chance that there’s nothing wrong with your sewer lines, it’s unfortunately due to the combination storm/sanitary sewer system. This can only be fixed by preventing large amounts of water from backing up into your basement. There are two main options. First, you can change your sewer from underground to an “overhead sewer”. This often involves chopping up concrete to access old pipes (trenchless sewer repair options are also available), redirecting floor drains, extensive repiping, and installing ejector pumps.

The second option is installing a backflow preventer valve which is usually less expensive and can be done much faster than converting to an overhead sewer. A backflow preventer valve operates by being installed between the city sewer lines and your home, shutting out large amounts of water that try to get from the main sewer into your home. This project could involve chopping up some concrete in your basement or digging a hole in your yard.

These are a just few tips and options to consider if you’re experiencing sewer problems, including sewer backups, and are in need of a sewer repair specialist. If you’re in need of a sewer expert to diagnose and repair your sewer problem – contact us today!

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